Ologies Yarn Club - August

Ologies Yarn Club - Lepidopterology - Butterflies!


Club yarns won't be shipped until the 15th. Please order other items seperatly as I can not split out the shipping. 


Club spots are limited in quantity.


I can make this on another base if you want. Just leave me a note in the order : )


The theme for this month is LEPIDOPTEROLOGY, the study of butterflies and moths!!!


Guys, you didn't think I was going to skip over the butterflies did you? Oh my heck no! This month will be inspired by the wonderful and varied species of swallowtail butterfly that reside in Colorado. They are some of the first insects we see in spring, and some of the last we see before the winter. I just love them! Even if they are shameless poo suckers. 


For more on that little tidbit of info, go back and have a listen to the episode with Phil Torres, self proclaimed jungle guy and legit biologist. This episode is a gem, full of information and wonderfully gross facts about our favorite gawdy bugs. Plus, Phil and Alie have a back and forth that warms the heart. Just buddies talking about buggies. 


Club yarns will come with a similarly themed stitch marker, made by me, and some other fun little goodies! 


Sock - This yarn is perfect not just for socks, but for all kinds of things! It's soft but durable and will stand up to a lot of abuse. It is 4 ply, 75% super wash merino wool and 25% nylon, which gives it it's durability. Each skein is 437 yards and 100 grams.


These skeins are hand dyed in a smoke free studio with professional acid dyes.  


Hand wash your finished project in cold water and lay flat to dry.  


Don't be brave. Keep your knit or crocheted items out of the dryer.


All photos are taken with care so that you are seeing it as true to life as possible, but computers and phones all show color uniquely, so please keep that in mind.



Ologies Yarn Club - August


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