This is a seconds pen that we are offering at 15% off because it had a few little things we didn't love.  All of the seconds pen are still useable and super cool, but they have one or more of the following things going on:

- More than a few tiny air bubbles in the resin.

- I got a little crazy with the glue and you can see it under the resin.

- The yarn is fuzzy looking, so it disturbs the clarity of the resin a tiny bit.


What's better than yarn and pens?!  I honestly don't know. Seriously, how cool is this?! 


This pen was made by my Little Brother and me.  It uses one of my colorways called Manic Muppet.  The yarn is encased in resin, and then turned on a lathe by my brother, Russell.  He then assembles the pen, and boom, yarn pen! Teamwork! 

Each pen is made by hand, so the pen you choose here will be unique and the one you asked for.  Please look carefully at the photos and don't hesitate to ask questions.  

These pens utilize a replaceable ink cartridge that can be purchased at any office supply store. 

This sturdy pen has a nice weight to it.  They are a pleasure to write with, and will make you smile every time you use it.  At least, that's what happens when I use mine. ; )

Again, this is a seconds pen. Not perfect, but still pretty dang cool. : )


Seconds - Manic Muppet Pen


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