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Framed Original Watercolor Painting

These paintings are part of my recent exploration of watercolor paint and ink.

Watercolors behave in a similar way to dye, so this really has been right up my alley and scratched an itch I didn't know I had. It has been so fun to explore different techniques and types of paint, but my workspace is overflowing with little paintings, so it's time to send some of them out into the world.


Each piece is on a 5x7 piece of quality cotton watercolor paper using lightfast paints. That said please keep handmade art out of the sunlight as a general rule of thumb. Your art will thank you!


The frame is printed on our home 3d printer making it cool as heck, and super light. You can hang this up on a nail, or use the included Command Velcro strip.


All artwork presented here is my own. Please do not be lame and duplicate it. 


All photos are taken with care so that you are seeing it as true to life as possible, but computers and phones all show color uniquely, so please keep that in mind.

Framed Original Watercolor Painting


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